The Passage

 “A thoughtful and poetic story .  . . Hurley fearlessly tackles big issues in his finely crafted novel, as Fitz and his fellow travelers ponder the nature of love, the morality of abortion, and the paralyzing power of grief and guilt.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A very highly recommended novel of self-discovery. Hurley writes with a depth, intelligence, and thoughtfulness that make you crave more.”

–Lori Lutes, She Treads Softly









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3 09, 2017

Letters from the Sea: A Sinking

  • September 3rd, 2017

s a few friends will recall and the few readers of scattered press reports at the time have surely forgotten, I was sailing alone, ten days out of Charleston, when I made the decision to abandon a leaking, weather-beaten, fifty-year-old ketch named Prodigal in rough seas about 500 miles south of Nova Scotia. The month was June, in the year 2015. I was one-third of the way to Ireland on a 3,500-mile passage I had planned for months. The implosion of my second marriage had come just three weeks before. I had set sail anyway, already mired in one storm, headed inevitably for others.
As was the case with most of the boats I have acquired through the years, I had bought Prodigal for a pittance and fitted her out for a king’s ransom. I sailed her for a week up the Chesapeake Bay from Norfolk in 2013 and solo for seventeen days nonstop on a shakedown cruise to Bermuda […]


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