The Passage

 “A thoughtful and poetic story .  . . Hurley fearlessly tackles big issues in his finely crafted novel, as Fitz and his fellow travelers ponder the nature of love, the morality of abortion, and the paralyzing power of grief and guilt.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A very highly recommended novel of self-discovery. Hurley writes with a depth, intelligence, and thoughtfulness that make you crave more.”

–Lori Lutes, She Treads Softly









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4 08, 2017

Notes on a Revolution

  • August 4th, 2017

It is the birthright of every American to have an opinion about the president—however indifferently the holder of that office may be loved or loathed. But with President Trump, it’s different. The birthright has become a bounden duty. Our opinions about Trump, for or against (as the prevailing mood tolerates no middle ground), are demanded of us in even the most mundane social interactions as a kind of identity card—a passport among fellow travelers in a fierce brand of tribalism not seen since the Civil War.

I have been living outside the United States, now, for over two years—since right about the time Trump descended the escalator in his Manhattan tower and completely blew everyone’s mind forever. Today, whenever I meet a compatriot in some far-flung corner of the world, within the first fifteen minutes the same intricate ballet occurs between us: the gently rolled eyes, the shaking of the head, the casual remark punctuated by the well-timed sigh until we […]


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