The Passage

 “A very highly recommended novel of self-discovery . . . Hurley writes with a depth, intelligence, and thoughtfulness that make you crave more.”

–Lori Lutes, She Treads Softly

“The author’s prose is solid and the story well paced . . . Hurley keeps readers guessing . . . Nothing ends up as one might predict . . . Readers will keep turning pages.”

–The Booklife Prize in Fiction









4 05, 2016

Au Revoir

  • May 4th, 2016

The French have a wonderful way of saying goodbye that seems appropriate for the start of a sailing voyage. It’s not goodbye at all but rather, “until we meet again.”
I write these words late at night in a café in Calais whose lovely and charming wait staff have suffered gladly the use of their facilities and Internet connection long after my moules mariniere were a happy memory. (To be fair, everything French girls say sounds lovely and charming to me.) The Nevermore lies contentedly in the well-protected Calais marina, where the showers are hot and the bathrooms cleaner than those in any home I have ever owned. The harbormaster, Etienne, made sure I was looked after and insisted there was no rush to leave. But leave I must, tomorrow morning, with the tide. The weather and the wind are too perfect not to go. Everything is ready, and so am I. Once again, I recite the words of the […]


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