The Prodigal

Pride, betrayal, forgiveness . . . and the eternal sea.  The Prodigal tells the mystical tale of four people on Ocracoke Island whose destiny is tied to an abandoned schooner, thought to have been lost at sea more than a century ago, that one day drifts ashore.  Marcus O’Reilly, a renegade Catholic priest, must confront his inner demons.  Ibrahim Joseph, a Bahamian fugitive, must face his past.  Aidan Sharpe, a fallen lawyer, struggles with self-doubt and his growing affection for Molly McGregor, a fearless towboat captain who cannot find the courage to love.  They will all be drawn into a 2,000-year-old mystery that unfolds with the reappearance of the ship in the debut novel by Michael Hurley that Kirkus calls “stirring, romantic and evocative of the sea’s magic.”


” A masterpiece of artistic imagination.  Hurley’s eloquent, hypnotic style will have readers following, unquestioningly, to the very end.”

ForeWord Clarion Review

“A glorious, satisfying read
that overnight leapt onto this constant reader’s personal
‘Top 5 of 2013′ list.”




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10 08, 2014

The Coming Thermal Inversion in Publishing

  • August 10th, 2014

What will fundamentally change the publishing industry is not the rise of self-publishing or e-books but the rise of the non-reader.

One of my many useless theories about the future of mankind is that the publishing industry as we know it today won’t exist thirty years from now. Never mind for the moment that absolutely everyone, these days, is saying the same thing.  My theory is different.
First of all, I don’t keep quarter with those who believe Big Publishing will go the way of the buggy whip and the telephone booth.  On the contrary, companies like Penguin/Random House, Hachette, Harper Collins, and Simon & Schuster are robustly profitable today, and the rise of e-books has only added to their largesse.  Profits are mostly up and will likely head higher in the near term. But there is a demographic flaw in their business model, and as with all demography, over time it will increasingly declare itself.  When (or more accurately, as) that happens, big […]


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