The Passage

 “A thoughtful and poetic story .  . . Hurley fearlessly tackles big issues in his finely crafted novel, as Fitz and his fellow travelers ponder the nature of love, the morality of abortion, and the paralyzing power of grief and guilt.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A very highly recommended novel of self-discovery. Hurley writes with a depth, intelligence, and thoughtfulness that make you crave more.”

–Lori Lutes, She Treads Softly







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10 12, 2017

A Eulogy for My Brother

  • December 10th, 2017

Jay Edwin Hurley, Jr.
July 10, 1941 to December 3, 2017

What has come to me today, and to all of us, is the unexpected, unwelcome and, frankly, impossible task somehow to punctuate the end of my brother’s life with a statement of what his life meant to us—unexpected, for me, because even though I knew Jay was not well and hadn’t been well for a long time, I never imagined this day would come so soon. Jay was only 76 years old. To some that may seem a ripe old age, but not to me. Jay and I shared a father who, despite a disastrously destructive lifestyle that would have killed most men a dozen times over, lived longer than his eldest son. Jay died almost two decades younger than our Grandfather Hurley, who was born into poverty in England in a century that did not know penicillin or most of the vaccines we take for granted today. My brother […]


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