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Meet Your Next Jury: Lessons for Trial Lawyers from the Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

Written and narrated by Michael Hurley

CLE Program no. 1  (3.0 hours; general requirement)

This program has been approved by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Continuing Legal Education for 3.0 hours of general CLE credit.

The Senate hearing to examine the sexual-assault allegations of Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford against now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh turned out to be one of the most remarkable and widely-publicized truth-telling contests in American history, with cross examination, opening statements, and closing arguments all witnessed in real time by a jury of millions of American viewers, some of whom will sit on the jury in your next case.  Depending on your point of view, the Kavanaugh hearing either changed or revealed changes in public attitudes toward fundamental legal principles of our democracy. Understanding those changes and how they should affect the way you try and argue cases before juries is the subject of this seminar.

Guerilla Tactics for Defense Lawyers

Written and narrated by Michael Hurley

CLE Program no. 2  (3.0 hours; general requirement)

This program is pending review by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Continuing Legal Education. It has not yet been approved for CLE credit.

In litigation and in warfare, there has always been conventional wisdom, and it has sometimes been more conventional than wise. Conventional wisdom is what told the British in 1776 that the best way to beat the Americans was to march row after row of soldiers wearing bright red uniforms across open fields in plain sight of minute men hiding in the trees with squirrel rifles.  (And we all know how well that worked out for the British.)  In this seminar, veteran defense lawyer Michael Hurley shares practical advice and innovative tactics for case management, drafting pleadings, preparing experts, managing documents, defending privileges and joint-defense agreements, as well as winning strategies for jury selection, opening statement, and closing argument.

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