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Everything seemed to slow to a crawl, today.  The first email at work didn’t arrive until mid morning, and only a handful came all day.  The air outside was thick with the abundance of flowers and an explosion of grass.  All that we seek is right at hand in this season.  No creature need move very far or fast for the necessities of life, which summer spreads before us like a banquet.

August is summer’s slowest month—a dawdling, distracted child, lagging behind the others in the March of Time.  You know this already, as do I.  August is the most popular month for beach and lake vacations, so many of us literally just aren’t around town anymore.  A great swath of Europe simply shuts down as the whole continent goes on “holiday” for three weeks in August.  It has been ever thus.

But with a very 21st century kind of curiosity, I decided to Google the words “August is the slowest month for . . .”  and see what might be filled in the blank.  As it turns out, August is the slowest month for car sales, eBay sellers, news, home sales, retail sales, theaters, tanning salons, optometry offices, Disneyland, Wall Street, and . . . book sales.  I feel better knowing that.

Hope springs eternal, but it comes to us anew in the fall.