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A modern classic of wilderness literature . . .

Hurley’s Journal was written and published quarterly by Michael Hurley from 1995 to 2003. It began as a kitchen-table gazette that Hurley produced for a few family and friends  as an excuse to go canoe-camping all over North America with his children, but it quickly grew into a literary gem cherished by more than 10,000 paying subscribers in 48 states and overseas. The journal provided not only practical advice but celebrated the romance, lore, and wisdom of life in the wilderness in award-winning prose. The original issues are now collectors’ items among the canoeing faithful. This 20th anniversary edition brings to a new generation of voyageurs, in one hardcover volume spanning nearly 800 pages, Hurley’s essays, detailed trip reports, and intricate, hand-drawn maps for fifty-two canoe trips in thirteen states and Canada, ranging from weekend getaways to far-flung expeditions. Beautifully illustrated with more than one hundred pages of stunning black-and-white photographs, Hurley’s Journal is certain to be a treasured reference and beloved companion to explorers and family campers alike for years to come. (Ragbagger Press, 2015; 782 pp., hardcover, ISBN-13: 978-0996190107).

Follow Michael and son Kip through the Boundary Waters.

What reviewers have to say:

Wilmington Star-News: “Hurley writes in the grain of Annie Dillard, Like Dillard—or like Hemingway in his Nick Adams stories—his immediate subject is nature but his deeper subject is often something else. The canoe trip becomes a small simulacrum of the larger spiritual journey. Hurley ponders his childhood ‘in an alcoholic family on the outskirts of normalcy,’ and he often thinks and writes about his son Kip, who frequently accompanies him on his excursions.” “‘Remember to scout the rapids and carry the rough ones. It is best to rise early and find camp before twilight. Gather your firewood before the rain comes and share it with those who have none. Pitch your tent on high ground, and leave each camp a little better than you found it.’ Hurley, like Hemingway, glories in the job cleanly done, and the days stretch out like an endless summer.” Paddler Magazine: “Always honest, sometimes humorous, this is a good book to keep at your bedside or comfy-chair table. Perusing a chapter or two at a time provides plenty of fodder for your own life ponderings. Like a visit to the campfire with an intelligent friend, this book will waft you into the woods and streams and help get you through the days when you must stay away from the water.” Raleigh News & Observer: “Pointed, personal, and poignant. A deep and passionate tale of wilderness adventures. A celebration of universal truths. Well worth reading.” “[The] essays [are] much in the style of Thoreau and maybe a dash of a couple of other Carolina writers, such as Robert Ruark and Jim Dean. I find a kinship with his adventures and observations that is heartwarming.” ib Amazon Logo             bn