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The season has turned with the first of September, and I too am turning to the task at hand.  Today I entered the new world of my next novel, leaving The Prodigal at last behind, and putting out Into the Deep.  [Editor: The novel was later given the title, The Vineyard, and was released 14 months after this post, on November 25, 2014.]  That’s the working title of this new story, of which only 337 words were written this morning.  Here’s hoping that my daily average improves dramatically in the days to come, as it must if I’m to get anywhere.

This means that the regular journal entries I have written here will dwindle or stop altogether, for awhile, until this new effort is complete.  I will try to post from time to time any significant comings and goings as well as the word count of my progress, but otherwise I need to devote my energy to filling the printed page with something worth reading.  I bid you a fond farewell, dear reader, until that welcome day.