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Welcome to the first journal entry of the new website at  Changes were made to make it more compatible with the smaller screens on smart phones, even as I continue to resist, kicking and screaming, being dragged into Smartphonia and Twitterdom myself.

The blog that was and was also connected to this site has left the stage. I decided that people don’t read a novel because the author has an interesting blog but rather (and, I think, only) because he’s written an interesting story.   For any who might have a passing interest in my comings and goings, the much shorter missives I plan to post on this journal will surely suffice.

It’s another beautiful summer day here in Raleigh.  My stepdaughter Breanna is up to visit her mother and me before heading off to her sophomore year at South Carolina, and once again the presence of a bright eyed young person with her life ahead of her makes the world seem full of hope.