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It was the oddest sort of serendipity.  I was walking to my car in the parking lot of my office around mid day, today, on an errand home for lunch and dog duties.  At that moment I was deeply immersed in the sort of navel gazing that men—husbands, particularly—are prone to when the forces of the world are not operating at maximum efficiency for our continued elevation and praise.  We are a needy, self-involved bunch, and too often prone to steer by our own stars.  I, particularly, suffer from this magnetic deviation, and it skews my sense of true north.  Then I received a much-needed course-correction from a bumper sticker in the parking lot.

“Love wins,” was all it said.

And in a moment, I thought “of course.”  It was a breakthrough.  I was reminded that life is not about my personal victory in all things.  Love wins, not Mike wins.  Remembering this has made all the difference.