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Well, here’s a bit of news that lifted my spirits on a dreary, rainy day.  Word came this morning that The Prodigal is reviewed in next week’s issue of Publishers WeeklyPW is the weekly trade magazine of the New York publishing industry, in print continuously since 1872. It is second only to the NY Times in the snootiness of its editorial staff when it comes to what books it chooses to review and what it says about them.  Slate Magazine put it this way:  “Publishers Weekly, or PW, is the biggie—it plays Coke to Kirkus’ Pepsi.”  One literary agent had this to say on “No doubt about it. It sucks when you get a negative review from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, or Kirkus. Although from Kirkus, we all kind of expect one since it’s so rare for them to write a good one.”

Having already been blown a kiss by Kirkus, I am pleased and relieved that The Prodigal passed through the PW gauntlet with only the gentlest of punches: “Hurley’s novel weaves in many elements of law, sailing, and Roman Catholicism, and ties them together well. While the allegories are a bit heavy handed and characters are simplistic at times, the author’s attention to detail and the pleasures of his well-crafted prose compensate.”