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A dark lady rises in the east, and I go down to the sea to see her today.  I am a truant once more for the world of winches and lines, ropes and rigging and salt, but only yet to the water’s edge dare I go.

Her future is as dark and unseen as the color of her hull.   It has been nearly two years since I have loved such a woman, and I wonder if I have the courage still.  If I am worthy of command.

A dark lady rises in the east, her name yet all but unseen and unknown except to a very few.  She is a fearful, lovely, pretentious thing.  Very young and very old.  Full of motion and tales untold, the hope of glory so high, and the dread of failure too deep to fathom.  She will ask me one day to run away to sea with her, and I wonder if I am the man to go.