[title size=”1″]The Vineyard[/title] 3D Cover

“Addictive, escapist reading . . . Deliriously satisfying.” —Kirkus Reviews

Dory Delano, Charlotte Harris, and Turner Graham have been drifting through life since their days as roommates at Smith College, ten years ago. Dory is resisting taking the reins of her family’s legacy and fortune even as she relishes the fabulous lifestyle it affords her in the fashionable seaside resort of Martha’s Vineyard. She invites her old friends to join her for a summer on the Vineyard in hopes of rediscovering the innocence of old days and healing new wounds. But hidden in their midst and unknown to all but a few, a reclusive—some say dangerous—fisherman wanders alone, fueling wild speculation about his purpose and his past. None of these women can imagine the events their encounter with the fisherman will set in motion, the shadow he will cast over their destinies, or the transformation that awaits the world they know.  (Ragbagger Press, 2014. ISBN: 0976127563 (ISBN13: 9780976127567); 384 pp. ; $29.99 USD Hardcover; $16.00 USD Trade Paper; $4.99 USD eBook)




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